The Post Office, Penrhos Garage and the remaining units and apartment opposite Neuadd Dyfi are on the open market and could be forced to close. We think they are an important asset to the village and should be preserved for the benefit of residents, visitors and other businesses alike.  Aberdyfi Community Projects Ltd are proposing to buy the building in order to preserve the facilities within it but cannot do it without financial help. We are trying to tap into various grants to reduce our outlay but will almost certainly need some extra help from individuals donating or investing in the venture.
At this time, we are assessing the amount of committment to expect from members of the public. We are not asking for any money yet and you are under no obligation to make any payment.  If you think you could help, please complete the form below and we will note your interest and any comments you make.  We need minimal information to keep in touch with you so please provide at least your name and email address, it will not be shared with any other parties and it will not be used for any other purpose.
A donation is an amount given for which no return is expected.
An investment is a purchase of a shares which may increase in value if interest is earned. The value of the shares after purchase is not guaranteed.
Please tick the box if you would be willing to help in other ways, for example by promoting the venture or organising fund raising events.
If you have any other ideas or comments please type them below
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